Online Courses with Hands-on Live Coding Sessions for Software Developers
Instructor-led online courses for software developers conducted by Bipin Joshi on weekends. Please note that these are not webinar style sessions where large number of participants are present. These are private coaching and coding sessions for individuals or small groups. You do hands-on live coding throughout the course. The trainer guides you at every stage and monitors your progress. Get in touch with our web team for registration and more details.

Instructor-led Online Course Schedule

Course DetailsStatus
Hands-On ASP.NET Core 3.1 with Mini Project
Dates :   --- Starting in June 2020 ---
Timing :   8:30 AM to 2:30 PM (IST)
Mode :   Five Sundays | Online
Fees :   Rs. 10,000 per participant
Registration Open

Salient Features

Quality training at reasonable fees
You do hands-on live coding throughout the course
Individuals / small groups to ensure personal attention and quality
Certificate of course completion
FREE after training support through dedicated discussion forum

Quick introduction to ASP.NET Core course

About the Trainer ~ Bipin Joshi

Bipin Joshi is an independent software consultant and trainer from Thane (Mumbai) specializing in Microsoft web development technologies. Having embraced the Yoga way of life he is also a yoga mentor, meditation teacher, and spiritual guide to his students. He is a prolific author and writes regularly about software development and yoga on his websites. He is programming, meditating, writing, and teaching for over 25 years. Bipin is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and a former Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). To know more about him go here.

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Latest Additions to our Knowledge Base

Create property and method decorators in TypeScript
In the previous part of this article and video series you were introduced to TypeScript decorators. You know that decorators come in different flavors such as class, property, method, accessor, and parameter decorators. You also learned to create class decorators. Continuing our learning further this part shows you how to create property and method decorators.
Posted On : 25 May 2020
Create class decorators in TypeScript
In the previous part of this article and video series you learned about TypeScript inheritance. In this article you will learn about a feature of TypeScript that allows you to annotate and modify classes and class members. This feature is called Decorators. Decorators is an experimental feature and you need to enable them in your TypeScript configuration file. You will find TypeScript decorators analogous to C# attributes in that they form the metadata of a class and class members.
Posted On : 18 May 2020
Use inheritance, abstract classes, and polymorphism in TypeScript
Object oriented programming languages such as C# allow you to inherit functionality from base class. TypeScript also offers inheritance capabilities so that your classes can inherit from other classes. TypeScript doesn't support multiple inheritance (although your class can implement multiple interfaces). You can also create abstract classes - classes that can't be instantiated on their own; they must be inherited in other classes. In this article you will learn all these aspects of TypeScript inheritance.
Posted On : 04 May 2020
TypeScript class for UI callback functions and the Web API
In the previous part of this article and video series you developed a TypeScript class that invokes an ASP.NET Core Web API using XMlHttpRequest object. Recollect from the previous part that the EmployeeApiClient class expects a few callback functions. These callback functions receive the response returned by the Employees Web API and display it on to the web page. In this part you will create another TypeScript class that houses those callback functions. You will also create the Employees Web API that performs the CRUD operations. Finally, you will test the functioning of both the TypeScript classes (and the Employees Web API) by calling their methods from a web page.
Posted On : 27 Apr 2020
Create a TypeScript class to invoke ASP.NET Core Web API
In the previous part of this series you learned about TypeScript functions. Now it's time to peek into some more interesting features. To that end this part discuses three of them - interfaces, classes, and inheritance. You will build a fully functional class that helps you invoke an ASP.NET Core Web API. You then perform CRUD operations using the class developed in this exercise.
Posted On : 20 Apr 2020
Video : Essentials of TypeScript Functions
This is a companion video to "Essentials of TypeScript Functions".
Posted On : 14 Apr 2020
Essentials of TypeScript Functions
In the previous article of this series you learned about TypeScript variables and their data types. A common JavaScript construct is function. And TypeScript has some interesting features to offer when it comes to creating functions. Specifically this article covers function return types, optional parameters, default parameters, rest parameters, and callbacks.
Posted On : 13 Apr 2020
Understand TypeScript Data Types
In the previous article and companion video of this series you prepared an ASP.NET Core project in Visual Studio to use TypeScript. You also developed a simple "Hello World" example. Now let's move ahead and learn something about the data types supported by TypeScript.
Posted On : 06 Apr 2020
Video : Prepare ASP.NET Core projects to use TypeScript
This companion video shows how you can download TypeScript SDK, configure ASP.NET Core MVC projects to use TypeScript, and how to create your first TypeScript program.
Posted On : 31 Mar 2020
Prepare ASP.NET Core projects to use TypeScript
Now a days many ASP.NET developers use TypeScript for their client side code. So, it's worth to add TypeScript in your web development skill-set. If you are a beginner new to TypeScript this multipart series consisting of articles and videos is just for you. In this series I am going to introduce you with the fundamentals of TypeScript language and how to integrate it in your ASP.NET Core apps. I am going to assume that you use Visual Studio 2019 as the IDE for your web development and you are familiar with the basics of JavaScript programming.
Posted On : 30 Mar 2020

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