Programming Angular 7

Develop single page applications (SPAs) using Angular, TypeScript, and ASP.NET Core Web API.

DescriptionPrerequisitesDuration & FeesContent
Angular is a JavaScript framework used to build rich client side web applications and Single Page Applications (SPAs). Modern ASP.NET applications not only utilize the server side processing but also use rich client side features. No wonder Angular is emerging as a key player amongst client side frameworks. This course teaches all the essentials you need to know about TypeScript and Angular.
  • Working experience of ASP.NET (web forms / MVC 5 / Core) using C# language is absolutely essential.
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript is absolutely essential.
  • Knowledge of SQL Server fundamentals such as tables and stored procedures is required.
Duration :
Total 30+ hrs.

Fees :
Fees for this course are Rs. 12,000 per participant (USD 210).
  • Introduction to TypeScript
    • Why we need TypeScript?
    • Introduction to TypeScript
    • benefits of TypeScript
    • Getting started with TypeScript
  • TypeScript classes and interfaces
    • Creating classes
    • Constructors, properties and methods
    • Inheritance
    • Creating interfaces
  • Miscellaneous topics
    • Functions
    • Modules and Namespaces
  • Introduction to Angular
    • Understanding Angular
    • Benefits of Angular
    • Setting up environment for Angular development
    • Running an Angular app
    • Understanding the folder structure
    • Angular initialization
  • Components
    • What is an Angular component
    • Creating Angular components
    • Bootstrapping the component
    • Components inheritance
  • Databinding
    • Understanding data binding
    • Attribute binding
    • One way and two way data binding
    • Event binding
  • Directives and Pipes
    • Understanding directives
    • Built in directives
    • Angular pipes
    • Creating custom pipes
  • Routing
    • Understanding Angular routing
    • Defining routes
    • Attaching routes to actions
  • Angular Forms and Controls
    • Introduction to Angular forms
    • Types of Angular forms
    • Creating template driven form
    • Creating model driven form
    • Angular form input controls
    • Angular form validation
    • Angular form and controls properties
  • Ajax using Angular and ASP.NET Web API
    • Invoking ASP.NET Web API using Angular
    • CRUD operations using EF, Web API and Angular

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