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Important Information About Online Courses

Brief Overview

Our online courses are live, instructor-led interactive courses that you can attend from the comfort of your home. The training environment includes the following :

  • Real time audio communication between you and the trainer (two way) over the Internet using a webinar software.
  • Real time screen sharing between you and the trainer.
  • One-to-one communication as and when needed.
  • FREE support during and after the course through private discussion forum.

Note that these are real-time, instructor-led online training courses. They are not pre-recorded videos.

Teaching Methodology

Our online courses allow you to interact with the trainer just like you would have done in a classroom training program. The difference is this interaction happens over the Internet through a webinar software. This is how a typical session is conducted :

  • The trainer arranges for the online training session and invites you to join the session.
  • You have headphone / microphone ready with you. You accept the invitation.
  • The trainer shares his computer screen with you so that you can see the presentations and code demonstrations.
  • For every topic the trainer will first explain the theory and then will write a code sample making use of what was just explained.
  • The trainer will then guide you to develop the example(s) on your machine, sharing his code as and when needed.
  • You can ask your questions or talk to the trainer using your microphone anytime during the session.

What's included and what's not

Particulars Status
Training by expert : Yes. All sessions by Mr. Bipin Joshi.
Personal attention : Yes
One-to-one doubt clearing / Q & A : Yes
Lots of hands on : Yes
Trainer's source code : Yes
Trainer's slides : Yes
Extra reading links from our KB : Yes
After training support : Yes. FREE support through private discussion forum.
Notes / book / ebook : No
Video recordings : No

Payment Mode and Registration

Particulars Status
Payment mode : Bank to Bank transfer
Can registration be cancelled post payment : No
Can session dates be changed post payment : No
Can missed sessions be attended later : No

If you have any questions not covered above please get in touch with us here. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Enquiry : Online Courses
  • Details such as fees, content, system requirements and registration process are available on this website itself. See the menus on the left.
  • All the courses are conducted by Mr. Bipin Joshi himself. We do not have any business association with anybody.
To know the availability of the trainer fill in the following enquiry form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.